2 Bubble.io Alternatives

I received an email asking for a list of alternatives to Bubble. The truth is, there are no real alternatives to Bubble. Most website builders on the market do not have logic added in to their platform. You will have to know how to code to get anything similar to Bubble. Although there aren’t any platforms that can go toe-to-toe with Bubble, here are two platforms that have the added benefit of creating what you dream of with low code.


1. FlutterFlow


FlutterFlow is possibly the closest platform to Bubble with the added benefit of deploying an app to both App Store and Google Play. It has all the logic in place, a small marketplace, and it’s based on Flutter. If you are terrible at coding, pub.dev will 99% of the time have what you’re looking for. The pricing is less than Bubble with a free tier, $30/month ($22/month yearly) for the intro level paid plan, and $70/month ($50/month yearly) for the most expensive plan which buys unlimited applications. The drawback is a custom domain cannot be used for a final project. The founders are diligently working on making that a reality.


 2. Thunkable


Thunkable can now publish responsive web applications! This platform has extensive logic and is based on MIT App Inventor. It is a bit more pricey at $45/month for the ability to deploy apps, with their logo nonetheless, but they do offer the ability to customize an app specifically to your liking. The business level plans include integration with Webflow, so building visually appealing applications is a breeze. There is a huge con as they don’t have a plugin readily available to accept credit card payments. This just gives you the option to choose whatever payment processor you like and work with their api.


Bubble is the leader of the pack when it comes to low-cost, no-code options. A very robust platform that gives users the ability to create hundreds of decisions with a single click. There’s nothing quite like it. There are other platforms like Quickbase, Outsystems, and Betty Blocks that offer comparable logic based platforms, but the pricing would turn most away. 


Side note: It looks like Webflow will be joining the no-code revolution with the addition of their Logic Flow. It’s now in beta!