There Isn’t A Way to Make Money Online Fast

You can stop searching how to make money fast or the same day. There’s no way to do it or everyone will be doing it! Most articles will tell you to fill out a ton of surveys and you’ll get paid, but I will be the first to say that it’s not always the case.



In terms of surveys, there is no guarantee you will actually qualify for a survey. I signed up for many of those sites in my college years to make extra cash for small pop up expenses. Most legitimate surveys will ask one or two questions to see if you qualify, but these survey sites will practically let you finish the survey before they prompt “you’re not qualified for this survey” pops up. A few people have come out and express that even completing the surveys didn’t lead to pay. I would proceed with caution when delving into those sites.



The only guaranteed ways to make money same day is to sell something of value, do something illegal, or beg.