Vollyy - Invite. Match. Chat.

After three years, we’ve decided to close Vollyy.

What started off as the biggest passion project turned into something we can all learn from.

Vollyy was a way for people to invite others, on a whim, to events or to simply chat. 

One thing we noticed quickly, is that many users did not bother with creating invites. Approximately 12.8% of our users were responsible for all of the invites sent. We knew that some people had a problem with putting themselves out there but not to this extent! ;)

The upside to this stat comes from knowing every single person that sent an invite received a response. Thank you to those who were brave enough to put themselves out there, and thank you to all of you who took a chance on our platform. We are forever grateful. 

Within the coming years, we will release a new application, Altar. Altar is a matchmaking app for those looking for their soulmate. We decided to move in this direction because many of the invites sent mentioned people wanting to find a new love.

We will be grateful to help you find that person.